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Manchester To Be Hotter Than Ibiza Tomorrow

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After a fairly cloudy start to the week, this afternoon should finally give us the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.

Greater Manchester is set to enjoy glorious sunshine from todat, with temperatures set to make it into the 20s for the first time this year.

From around 2pm today, sunshine should be creeping in, with temperatures reaching 18/19 degrees.

However, it is tomorrow that is said to be the ‘wow’ day, with Manchester to be reaching temperatures higher than that of Ibiza.

Met Office forecasters say there will be highs of around 21C – may as well be on holiday!

A slight breeze could make it feel a few degrees cooler, though, and there is more cloud expected over the weekend, but it will remain a pleasant, with highs of 19C.

Get the BBQ out

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