Manchester Moderist Society Outraged At Plans To Destroy Some Of The Finest Architecture In The City

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The Manchester Modernist Society has spoken out against City Council proposals which it says will destroy some of the finest post-war architecture in the city.

The University of Manchester's North Campus (UMIST), the Renold Building and the Holloway Wall are among the iconic buildings which are under threat.

Speaking on their website, the Modernist Society, who claim they don't usually speak out against city centre proposals, had this to say:

Now, we're not big on campaigning here at the Modernist Society, we like to concentrate on positive things rather than demolitions and destruction but once in a while we do try to rally the troops and make a call to action.

The future of the University of Manchester's North Campus, or what we at the Modernist Soc will always refer to as UMIST, has been uncertain for some years but the recent publication of the draft North Campus Strategic Regeneration Framework 2017 (SRF) by Manchester City Council sets out a vision for the future of the campus that might destroy some of the finest examples of post-war architecture in the city and we strongly urge you to comment on the impact of these proposals on the former UMIST campus.

The society is urging anyone with an interest in preserving this important part of Manchester’s heritage to make their views known in the consultation process which closes on Tuesday February 14.

They have enlisted Johnny Marr to aid the appeal and the former Smiths guitarist had this to say:

“The Council’s plans to destroy these buildings is a huge mistake. In making the city look like everywhere else, Manchester will lose a part of its cultural heritage and identity. The city needs to protect what we have that makes us unique and make it work for the future, not destroy it.”

For more information check out the Manchester Modernist Society's website here

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