Manchester Is The World's Third Most Influential City

Well, we think it's number one

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We always knew the influence of Manchester could be felt far and wide, but now we have the figures to back it up.

It's been labelled the third most influential city in the whole WORLD.

Manchester is ahead of 17 other major European capitals and cities when it comes to talent, location and cost.

The third most influential city - after London and Paris - was found through research by a global real estate advisor.

And they say that those two are top primarily because of size.

Outside of them, Manchester, Stockholm and Dublin are the three cities which feature most highly at 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

According to Colliers International’s new Cities of Influence report, Manchester is one of the most influential cities for talent, location and costs because as the report states: “…. the combination of high scores for its strong latent talent/future skills pool, high affordability and low cost combine to move the market up the rankings."

They add: "Good news for the Northern Powerhouse policymakers.”

Andrew McFarlane, director and head of the Manchester office of Colliers International, said: “Manchester has worked hard to build its reputation as an international city.

"Over the past 20-plus years it has steadily grown and developed into the global player that it is today and that momentum is still building as Manchester cements its place at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

"What is encouraging about this report is that what has been clear to many in Manchester for several years is increasingly being recognised by a global audience.

"Manchester’s best days lie ahead.”

Colliers’ Cities of Influence report features a ‘TLC’ index in which 20 major individual economic cities are ranked in terms of talent, location and cost.

The way they work it out includes:

  •  size and orientation of economic output and the workforce
  • capacity and skill-set of the latent and emerging talent pool
  • cost and affordability of the city – as a place to live and save, and in terms of the cost of labour and total cost of office occupation
  • country risk associated with the market, and the inherent risk/challenges presented by labour laws.

Come on , Manchester - let's make 2018 top of the pops!

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