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Manchester Fire Crews Issue Two Safety Warnings After BBQ Fire Rips Through House

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Manchester firefighters have issued two safety warnings this weekend ahead of the hot weather.

Crews warned of the dangers of leaving barbecues unattended, after three crews from Greater Manchester were called to a barbecue fire in Salford, which had spread to the first floor and roof of the house.

It’s believed the cause of the fire was the charcoal barbecue in the garden, which had been lit earlier in the day. Residents said they assumed that the fire was out.

The fire caught on nearby materials, including a plastic gazebo and a sofa, spreading to the french doors at the rear of the property.

(Image: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service)

Crews received the call just after midnight and three people were rescued on arrival.

Head of Prevention, Area Manager Paul Etches said: “This incident is a timely reminder to warn people about the dangers of leaving barbecues unattended, especially as the weather starts to pick up.

“Fortunately nobody was hurt at this incident, but it demonstrates just how quickly fire can spread and the damage it can cause, and I urge people to take care if they plan on having a barbecue this weekend.

“Please do not leave your barbecue unattended and always ensure that it is fully out when you are finished with it. Keep your barbecue away from flammable materials to avoid it catching fire and always keep a bucket of water nearby in case of any accidents.”

Ahead of the heat wave over the next few days, Manchester Fire also issued a water safety warning

Paul Etches, Head of Prevention at GMFRS, said: “With warm weather on the way we need to remind people that the water can still be very cold and cause cramp and breathing difficulties, which can affect your ability to swim and get out of trouble – and this is even the case for strong swimmers.

“Water can be far deeper and stronger than people think and there are unknown hazards that lie beneath the surface such as rocks, shopping trolleys and broken bottles or cans.

“Water can be tempting especially in warm weather, but the consequences can be fatal. Roughly half of people who drown had no intention of entering water in the first place. Please only swim somewhere safe, such as a swimming pool.”

The water safety warning comes after 13-year-old Dylan Ramsay died when he was swimming in open water at a quarry in Lancashire and got into difficulties in 2011.

Feature Credit: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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