Manchester Christmas Markets Nominated For Best In Europe Prize

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They're fast becoming one of the main reasons for people to visit Manchester and now it looks like our famous Christmas markets are being recognised on a continental scale. 

Influential travel website European Best Destinations has included Manchester on its shortlist for this year's top 10 Christmas markets in Europe race. 

Our city's festive markets have previously made the top 10 and they have now set their sights on taking top spot for the first time. 

While our most famous market is held at Albert Square in the city, there are several others dotted about such as Brazennose Street; St Ann’s Square; King Street; Exchange Street; Exchange Square; New Cathedral Street; the Corn Exchange; Market Street; and Cathedral Gardens.

When you see some of the comments from European visitors when casting their vote for us, it's easy to see why we were nominated:

“In a word: amazing! This Christmas market is both traditional and modern. It is friendly and huge! I come from the Netherlands just to see it and I have never been disappointed about it. It's really amazing.”

“The reputation of the Christmas market in Manchester has gone beyond the borders of the United Kingdom for a long time. As to me it is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe and Manchester is a great destination for Christmas, for shopping too!”

“Manchester is a wonderful city to visit in December. People celebrate Christmas around the city and there are beautiful Christmas decorations. Do not miss it!”


It's quite humbling to see so many people have such a great time when they come over here for a festive experience. Councillor Pat Karney, Manchester's Christmas spokesman summed this up when speaking of his pride at the city's inclusion in the list. 

“We’re a modest lot in Manchester, but when we have something as exceptional as our Christmas Markets we can’t help but be proud and shout about it.

“We are regularly in the Top 10 Christmas Markets in the world and as we keep getting better and better we hope we can better our rating from last year – we’re looking at top spot and we believe the markets deserve it!”


So how can we ensure that Manchester takes home this festive gold? All you have to do is visit the Manchester section of the European Best Destinations website and click vote.

Most importantly, after you vote be sure to check out the markets if you haven't done so in previous years. The main one at Albert Square is open to the public from this Thursday the 10th of November and lasts until December 20th so there's plenty of time to get down there. 

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