Kaiser Chiefs Step In To Save The Day At Manchester's Olympic Parade!

The unsung heroes of today's big event...

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Eclectic indie band the Kaiser Chiefs brought Manchester’s Olympic parade to life after stepping in to save the day following the last-minute drop out of X-Factor's Olly Murs.

Frontman Ricky Wilson said he'd only had a panicked half an hour to get ready for the trip to Manchester to perform at the city's iconic Albert Square.

Wilson claims his girlfriend was 'livid' at him for the last minute decision, as it was his first day off in months and had promised her a trip to the safari park - but decided instead to don his colours and welcome Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic heroes to the city in style.

The popular Leeds band performed as the parade arrived at Albert Square, with thousands of fans watching on with real admiration and support.


Frontman Ricky said “I got a phone call at about 9am from Bianca from our management and she said ‘I’m picking you up in half an hour, we’re going to play at the Olympic parade in Manchester’.

“I was like ‘well, what am I wearing? She said ‘just pick up what you’ve got on the floor, get in the car - we’re going."

Performing energetically in the wind and rain, The Kaiser Chiefs brought Manchester to life - and in welcoming in the real heroes with such bare love and admiration - themselves became the unsung heroes of the afternoon.

And people from all walks of life were there to celebrate all of them on Manchester's big day.

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Photo credit to Lovin's Rick Crisp.

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