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4 Truths Which Prove Manchester Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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An Amazing Foodie Scene 

Get beneath the surface in Manchester and you’ll quickly see that there is one of the most diverse foodie scenes in the UK right here in the city. From Indian and Pakistani to Italian and homegrown talent this city is like a melting pot of incredible culinary diversity. 

That food scene has been evolving at record pace over the last couple of years with a new place seeming to open every day of the week and the overall standard rising.

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A Vibrant Music And Clubbing Scene

When many people across the globe think of Manchester they think about a rich history of music and a lively clubbing scene. This is the city of The Smiths, The Bee Gees, New Order, The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Chemical Brothers. The list goes on and on and will continue to grow over the coming years. 

There is something about this city and the soul of the place that means great acts will continue to be discovered on the stages of the bars and clubs. Manchester is one of the few cities in the world that pretty much has its own soundtrack. You can here it playing in your head as you walk around the streets and people come from all over the world to pay homage to the great acts they’ve fallen in love listening to.

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Two World Class Football Clubs 

The reds and the blues are known all over the world and both have ambitious plans to become even bigger and more successful.

Add in the fact that Pep and Jose have arrived, world record signings being completed as we speak and this feels like the start of a very special era in Manchester. Mainly though it is the passion of the local fans for both clubs and the way they are woven into the daily fabric of life in Manchester that makes this city so special - it's the people who make it.

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A Media Savvy City And Audience 

Manchester is fast becoming known as a real media city. From the BBC and ITV through to local radio stations and web only publications this is a wonderful city to call home. Media City helps the cause and it means that the very best talent is attracted to work here.

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