Here's Your Opportunity To Help The Homeless While Enjoying Some Fine Dining

What an amazing initiative...


Whether you like it or not, Christmas is on the horizon and with that comes the season of goodwill.

With that in mind, the people at StreetSmart are presenting Mancunians with a chance to show how generous they can be at this time of year as the temperatures drop and homeless people become more vulnerable to the elements.

The charity works with participating restaurants by inviting customers to add a voluntary £1 to their bill at the end of their meal. The contribution remains the same no matter how big the group of diners. All proceeds are collected in January and donated to Greater Manchester's homeless charities. 

Last year, the campaign raised over £15,000 and the touching video below shows just how much their stellar work means to the homeless community in the city: 

The campaign runs from today (November 1st) until December 31st and Glenn Pougnet, director of StreetSmart appears delighted that the campaign is up and running again: 

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support of the restaurants who have signed up to StreetSmart this year. The list reflects an amazing time for Manchester’s dining scene, we’re delighted such fantastic new restaurants in the city on board and we’d be delighted to have even more join in.

StreetSmart was designed to allow the hospitality industry to give something back to those who aren’t lucky enough to enjoy the festive season in the same ways as their customers. 

Just that small commitment can make such a difference, and to an issue that effects us all.”

The list of particicipating Greater Manchester restaurants he mentioned reads as follows: 

Salvi’s Cucina, Manchester

Salvi’s Corn Exchange, Manchester

Damson, Heaton Moor

Eagle and Child, Ramsbottom

The River Restaurant, Lowry Hotel Restaurant, Salford

Second Floor Restaurant, Harvey Nichols, City Centre

Tariff and Dale, Northern Quarter

The Parlour, Chorlton

Turtle Bay, Northern Quarter

Menagerie, Salford.

El Gato Negro, Manchester

The Refuge, Manchester

Grafene, Manchester

So if you find yourself dining at any of the above establishments over the next two months be sure to ask staff about the campaign. 

If you're still unconvinced as to how much your £1 can achieve, here's what Amy Hinks from Booth Centre Manchester, one of the initiative's many beneficiaries, had to say:

“We're delighted to be one of the beneficiary charities supported by StreetSmart. The vital funds raised help us to provide our catering training project which supports people with experience of homelessness to undertake work placements and training in our centre's kitchen. 

The project also helps to provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch for around 100 people each day who visit the Booth Centre for support. The StreetSmart initiative is making a big difference to the lives of homeless people in our city. Thanks to all the restaurants supporting us this year.”

The work carried out between Streetsmart, the participating restaurants and all the charities really is amazing and the case study of John provided to Lovin Manchester by Streetsmart and the Booth Centre should really testify for that:

Unemployed and unable to pay his rent, John found himself sleeping rough for weeks on end on the streets of Manchester. 

He found the Booth Centre by chance and the charity’s welcoming team were quick to help himget a place at a nearby hostel.

John joined the Booth Centre catering training programme and completed a work placement in the kitchen, having the responsibility of cooking dinners and serving drinks to the hundred plus people who visit the Centre on a weekly basis. 

Through utilising and developing his skills, his confidence and esteem grew, and the team supported his job efforts and helped him to write a CV. John is now working as a cleaner and has recently moved into his own flat: 

“The Booth Centre were there when I needed help most – they not only got me off the streets, but they helped me to get a job. My self esteem has finally returned.”

If that's not enough to convince you to throw an extra quid on the table at the end of your festive meal we don't know what is.

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