Grab The Suncream - Temperatures Will Soar To 27 Degrees This Week


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We've had an absolutely GLORIOUS weekend, and the amazing news to brighten up your Monday is that the sunshine is gonna carry on for now.

And not only will it carry on, it's gonna get hot hot hot.

The Met Office reports that today will see top temps of 23 to 25 degrees, but tomorrow is when it's really gonna kick off: Tuesday is forecast for a whopping high 27 degrees, with sunshine "turning hazy in the North."

You best enjoy it while you can though (in other words, take tomorrow off work ASAP), because come Wednesday there will be thundery showers and humid, cloudy weather in our lives yet again. Although it will get hot and sunny again later in the week.

Not a bad summer all in all, is it?

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Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin Media Group. He lives in Manchester and loves his dogs Snoop and Biggie