Gorilla Will Screen One Of The Most Iconic Films Of The 1970s Later This Month

You're damn right...


Where's the venue with all the best drinks, now playing flicks for all the guys and chicks?

Gorilla. Damn right. 

We must apologise for that awful, awful intro but we're afraid the excitement has gotten the better of us. 

On November 30th, famed Whitworth Street haunt Gorilla will screen one of our favourite films from the the original decade of cool, the 1970s. 

As part of the #BFIBlackstarevent programme, 'Black Star with Ray Norman MBE' will be held from 7.30pm on Wednesday November 30th. 

The DJ will be introducing cult action movie Shaft, presented by Live Cinema UK, before taking to the decks in the bar area playing a vinyl soundtrack dedicated to 'Blaxploitation' and classic funk and soul music of the era.

Speaking about the event, Jay said:

 “As a lover of historic black music and film, I feel tremendously honoured to be involved in this amazing project by the ever forward thinking BFI.”

Kicking off the night will be a Q & A session with Jay's fellow DJ Dave Haslam who will discuss his love for the very best in black cinema via the history of movie soundtracks. 

We can certainly dig this. Hope to see you all there, you bunch of baaaaaaaaaaad mothers.

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