"Get Your Corporate Hands Off The Northern Quarter!" Manchester Lashes Back At Giant Starbucks Mural

Art or invasion?


(photo: Starbucks)

The city has been gearing up for the festive season with what seems like a neverending catalogue of seasonal additions, among many of which include a Winter ice rink, pop-up Christmas bars and of course the famous Manchester Christmas Markets.

But it looks like corporate giant Starbucks have gone one step too far in their bid to jump on the festive bandwagon...

Mancunians have lashed back at the giant Starbucks mural which has recently taken residence in the middle of the famously alternative city centre district - Manchester's Northern Quarter.

The so-called "corporate graffiti" covers the entire side of the Hare and Hounds pub and depicts a snowy wooded scene with the Starbucks logo easily recognisable from a distance.

A growing number of tweets are being posted in retaliation by angry residents imploring Starbucks coffee company to get their corporate mitts off their cherished Northern Quarter and take down the new "monstrosity."

The coffee franchise has defended itself against the onslaught and claims it was only trying to spread a bit of Christmas cheer, but frequenters of the Northern Quarter - famous locally as well as further afield for its offering of independent stores and individual street art - are less than impressed.

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