Get Your Christmas Pressies Wrapped At Arndale All For A Good Cause

Taking the stress out of Christmas...


We all know that giving presents to loved ones is one of the best parts of Christmas but wrapping them can be a bloody nightmare. 

That's where Manchester Arndale comes in. 

After getting all the shopping out of the way you can now getting everything wrapped up by Santa's little helpers before you even get back to the car. 

This year’s gift wrap service is in aid of Manchester Arndale’s Charity Star of the Year, Home-Start Greater Manchester which offers practical help and support to families across the region. 

The prices for gift wrapping vary depending on the size of your pressies. A small gift (up to the size of a shoebox) will cost you just £1 while a larger gift will cost £2. An extra-large or 'unusually-shaped' gift will set you back a fiver.

With previous requests including bikes, wooden reindeer, a 3ft elephant statue, engagement rings and even a pineapple, nothing is left to chance!

The gift wrapping service began on November 26th and runs until Christmas Eve. 

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