FREEBIES: Starbucks Are Giving Away FREE Drinks In St Annes Square



Anyone who says they don't like freebies, are lying.

And what better way to enjoy your Thursday afternoon than a nice chilled Starbucks...for absolutely nothing?!

If you head over to St Anne's Square right now, you'll find a gorgeous pop-up botanical garden topped a free coffee of your choice from the Starbuck's Chilled Caffe range.

Free Starbucks Manchester

The choice is yours - latte, cappuccino, skinny latte, mocha and more...

And all you need to do to grab your freebie is show up.

Jobs a good'en.

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Written By

Sam McGowan

Sam likes to lift heavy things in order to eat her bodyweight in food on a daily basis. Manchester's biggest fan, will walk anyone and everyone's dogs for free and makes a proper good brew.