Didsbury Villagers Terrrorised By Man With 'Deadly Samurai Sword'

Officers were called after the shirtless man was spotted running wild

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The terrified folk of Didsbury were left a little more than embarrassed after calling the coppers over fears a shirtless man in the street was running wild with a so-called ‘Samurai sword’ - but it er, turned out to be a bloke with a wooden stick practising the ancient martial art of Tai Chi.

Officers were called after the man was seen strutting around the leafy suburb in South Manchester.

Concerned villagers raised the alarm, after seeing the man on Darley Avenue in West Didsbury, thinking he was running around with a deadly Japanese Samurai sword.

But er...as it turns out they were a little off on their ancient forms of martial art and weaponry - the man in question was simply practicing a spot of Tai Chi.


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