Details Of 2017 Manchester International Festival Announced

Sounds spectacular...


Manchester International Festival have announced details of their 2017 edition and it looks like we're in for a treat.

The event, running from June 29th to July 16th of next year will open with a show call 'What Is The City But The People?' at Piccadilly Gardens which will feature a selection of local residents on a specially-designed catwalk parading expressions of their personality through fashion, speech and attitudes. 

There will also be 17 performances of Fatherland, a contemporary look at modern fatherhood by playwright Simon Stephens.

What If Women Ruled The World by Yael Bartana imagines what life would be like if women were giving control of an increasingly volatile world. It features a professional cast joined by a group of female experts such as scientists, politicians, artists and thinkers of global reputation. Together, they’ll spend the evening trying to solve that night’s global emergency as the clock ticks above them

One show that really intrigues us is 10000 Gestures by choreographer Boris Charmatz will see  a 25-strong ensemble of dancers  performing, you've guessed it, 10,000 unique gestures all in succession. Sounds like a massive effort to pull this off correctly so we're looking foward to seeing how it turns out!

Finally, if you're interested in helping out with MIF 2017 or shaping the future of the festival, you can sign up here. 

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