Is The Manchester 'Canal Pusher' Serial Killer Back?

Fears are growing across Manchester

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A cyclist who nearly drowned after getting knocked into a canal has sparked severe worries that the ‘Manchester canal pusher’ is back.

The 34-year-old victim was pushed into the canal last Thursday, whilst cycling on his bike. He managed to get above the water, however the attacker kicked him back in.

The office worker was cycling home when he was knocked into a canal, near Old Trafford, before being kicked back in, although desperately trying to escape and break free. 

It has now caused fears across the city that a man is attacking people as they walk and cycle along the canals near the city centre.

Since 2007, there have been at least 76 deaths in the city's waterways. Seventeen of those deaths were 'unexplained', but it has created 'myths' about there being an actual canal pusher in the area. 

Officers are said to be treating the incident as assault rather than attempted murder and are not linking it to any of the deaths in the canals.  

The victim, a father-of-two, told The Sunday Times: "He was a complete psychopath. Even when I went in, he tried to stop me getting back out. He didn’t try to steal anything."

"It was 10pm. I was working the late shift and coming home late. I saw a man out of the corner of my eye and he swung his arm and it caught me on my neck.’ 

The father-of-two said he nearly drowned because his legs were twisted in the bike. "I managed to get above water and tried to get a grip on the side of the canal, where it was slippery and mossy. That’s when he kicked my hands away, which made me slip back under the water again."

The Metro reports that the victim had to call the police from a PureGym in Stretford because his phone was damaged by the water. They also go on to report that Greater Manchester Police have no evidence to suggest that this is linked to any other incidents and they have had no further reports.

Officers said they are treating the incident as 'assault' rather than 'attempted murder' and are not linking it to any of the deaths in the canals.

The victim has described the 'pusher' as aged between 20 and 40. He wore a black jacket, was of average height and had a ‘normal’ looking hairstyle.

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