Congratulations Manchester - We're The Least Lazy City In The UK

You snooze, you lose...


Some news worth getting up for. 

The residents of Manchester have been revealed as the least likely in the UK to press the snooze button when their alarms go off in the morning. 

Get Up

The study conducted by polled 3,884 UK adults aged 18 and over as part of their research into the morning routines of Britons.

They found that the people of Manchester, along with Brighton, only hit snooze twice every morning on average. The most likely cities to do so are Plymouth (14 times), Bristol and Newcastle (both 13). 


Kirsty Martin, spokesperson for said:

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a long snoozing session, as long as you don’t accidently turn your alarm off altogether and end up late for work!”

The full findings are as follows: 

By city, the snooze capitals of the UK are:

1.       Plymouth – 14 (number of ‘snooze’ hits each morning)

2.       Bristol - 13

3.       Newcastle - 13

4.       Leicester- 12

5.       Glasgow – 12

In comparison, the least likely cities for snoozing were revealed as:

1.       Manchester - 2

2.       Brighton – 2

3.       London – 3

4.       Belfast – 3

5.       Swansea – 4


So there you have it. Although, when you live in a city as great as ours, why wouldn't you want to get up as early as possible?!

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