City Centre Restaurant Attacked For This "Distressing" Video Showing A Live Fish Butchered

"Try it as sashimi!" they say

Turbot D

City centre favourite Umezushi is famed for its delicious sushi - arguably the best in Manchester by quite some distance.

But they've fallen under harsh criticism from the public over the past few days after posting the video below on their Facebook page on Wednesday evening. The footage shows a live turbot being killed in order to start preparations for the hotspot's two most popular dishes - sashimi and nigiri.

To give the gaff due credit, they do warn that the video features "graphical content" but the response from some claims that the video is just too "grim," with some regulars vowing never to visit the restaurant again.

Despite this, Umezushi have said that:

"The response we got from this is amazing. It's exciting to see so many people contributed their opinions to our video, positive or negative. It is great to see that people do care about how their food is prepared, informed or otherwise."

What do you think? We'd love to know your opinion so let us know in the comments below.

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