BREAKING: New Warning Over 'Killer Clowns' In Manchester

Five schools have been named as targets

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Kurtis Mulvaney has just shared a terrifying picture on Facebook, saying "these guys just came to my car - one had a machete and never spoke a word." 

Kurtis says the picture was taken near Manchester Fort but no harm appears to have come to him as he follows up the post by driving around Manchester trying to find the scary figures once again...seems sensible.

The Backstory

A social media group called Bury Clown Attack have named five high schools it claimed would be targeted as part of a bizarre nightmarish uprising that's sweeping the city.

Police in Wythenshawe meanwhile issued a warning, saying scaring people for entertainment isn’t funny or clever and it may be an offence as an extreme social disturbance.

It's official. The 2016 clown craze that has swept the United States, Canada and parts of the UK has landed in Manchester!

In the space of just a few days, there have been reported clown sightings across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Reports told of a man dressed in a clown suit stood in the road attempting to stop traffic on Starling Road in Ainsworth, Bury.

This follows reports of a clown-masked man driving a car pulling up to children and scaring them in the Park Road area last Thursday night which [olice are investigating. 

Facebook user Graham Alan Lowndes-Buckley spotted one of the ominous-looking figures strolling through Ashton on Thursday and was on hand to record the sighting:

Of course, this could just be some bloke on the walk of shame after a particularly heavy-duty fancy dress party. It's also possible that all the clowns are aliens from some sort of Planet Circus and they're here to kill us all and feast on our brains. 

We'll keep you up with this developing story, pending our survival. 

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