BREAKING: Houses Devastated By Flooding As 'Waterfalls' Engulf Homes And Schools In Manchester

Schools have been left underwater...

Flood Car

The weather Gods struck Greater Manchester hard last night, and residents, businesses, schools and emergency services have suffered the damaging effects in areas including Tameside and Oldham.

The severe problems were reported last night after a month's worth of rain battered the city. Residents in surrounding areas of Manchester awoke to find local business ground floors, schools and even their own homes submerged...

Some areas were worse affected than others. The M62 westbound had to be closed for a short time last night and many outer city dwellers were even advised against travelling unless absolutely necessary, due to the severity of the floods.

Tweets are still rolling this morning and afternoon showing the damaging effects last night's events have had on local buildings and livelihoods...

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