BREAKING: Europe's First Virtual Reality Cinema To Be Installed In Manchester

Right on our doorstep...


Huge news this afternoon. 

IMAX Corporation have announced and agreement with ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group that means their pilot Virtual Reality (VR) cinema will take its place smack bang in the middle of The Printworks here in little ol' Manchester. 

Virtual Reality will allow users to see, feel, move and play within the worlds of the movies they are watching. 

The specially-produced content experiences expected to range between 5 and 15 minutes in length each. 

IMAX Corp. CEO Richard L. Gelfond said:

"For nearly 50 years, IMAX's mission has been to give audiences – of all ages and across generations – a reason to get off their couches and leave the comfort of home to go out to the cinema. Today's agreement with ODEON marks an important milestone in our continued effort to deliver differentiated entertainment experiences – now through location-based VR,"

The complex will consist of several "pods" to allow multiple players to enjoy interactive, exciting, moveable VR experiences. 


So there you have it. It's thought that the centre will open before the end of 2016 so hopefully we don't have too long to wait to sample the Virtual Reality experience. 

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