Arndale Opens Up Sleep Lab Where Customers Can Nap While Out Shopping

We're off to bed...


If this isn't the greatest idea of all time then we'd like to hear what is. 

You know the feeling. You're out shopping on a Saturday afternoon, it's cold and wet, you're feet feel like they're about to fall off and there are SO many people. 


All you want to do is to be able to lie down, if only for 15 minutes or so. But you'd have to go home for that, right. WRONG!

Manchester Arndale have introduced a giant dome full of hammocks where weary shoppers can take a break from splashing their cash. 

The sleep lab known as The Chronarium was designed by Loop.pH artists Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachi as part of the 10th Manchester Science Festival.

The Chronarium is open daily until Sunday October 30th. from 11am to 8pm Monday to Friday, as well as 11am to 7pm on Saturday and 11.30am to 5.30 pm on Sunday. Those aged 14 and under should be accompanied by an adult.

Think we need a lie down. 

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