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Aldi Is Giving Its Staff A Pay Rise – And Looking To Hire Here In Manchester

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Supermarket giant Aldi has announced today that a whopping 8,000 of its employees will receive a pay rise this February 2019 – with their pay packets boosted by over £2,000 a year in some cases.

How long an employee has worked for the supermarket will factor in to just how much of a pay rise individuals will receive, but in-store assistants who’ve put in three or more years are to receive a bumper package, with long-term staff set to benefit most from the change.

The new wage implementation next month will make Aldi the second-highest paying superstore, with Sainsbury’s maintaining its top spot and Lidl now knocked to third.

Pension contributions will also be affected, with all store assistants across all branches to receive a boost.

“Booming sales”

An Aldi spokesperson has put the move down to the fast-growing nature of the UK supermarket landscape and the “fantastic” job and “excellent service” demonstrated by employees across all fronts.

Aldi sales broke a record £12 billion back in 2018 and they’re not stopping there.

Currently, Aldi are recruiting for different positions across Greater Manchester and they include apprentice and entry-level roles as well as management – the latter of which could see you earning just under £60,000 a year.

Check out the full offering here.

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