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The Aldi Hot Tub Sold Out In Record Time And Mancunians Are INFURIATED

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Let’s face it, having a hot tub in your back garden usually means you’re some kind of high-flying business person or hotshot football player, but when budget store Aldi announced they would be selling the luxury garden feature it meant us ordinary folk could grab a splash of the action too!

Excitement built up further when Aldi slashed the price by £100.

Online stock sold out almost instantaneously last Thursday which left people queuing up at their local stores yesterday hoping to get hold of one, but alas, many were left disappointed…

There was at least one lucky Manc who managed to grab one however…

Garden party, anyone?!

If you managed to get your hands on one leave us a comment over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (we’ll be round in record time with our bikinis, swim-shorts and a few beers.)

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