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A New Phone Call Scam Is Doing The Rounds In Manchester Again

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Be careful answering the phone to unknown numbers, as there are reports of a new scam doing the rounds in Greater Manchester.

Scammers have been targeting elderly people in Middleton and Prestwich especially – pretending to be from the tax office – with the aim of making them hand over hundreds of quid.

The public are posting to social media to warn others of the calls that may come in at odd hours – be it during the night or in the middle of the day.

It is being reported that anyone receiving the call will be at risk of being scammed out of hundreds of pounds in iTune vouchers – oddly enough – but it’ll be quids out if you fall for it nonetheless.

Remain vigilant and if you don’t recognise the number or something looks suspicious is probably for the best that you ignore the calls.

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