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A Huge Fight Has Broken Out In Altrincham Over Discounted 10p Sandwiches

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We’re certainly feeling pretty red-faced over the latest from Greater Manchester Police shaming a couple of members of the public who’ve been involved in a brawl over a couple of penny sandwiches – believe it or not.

The GMP were actually so frustrated about the “incident” (which they were called out to deal with) that they posted an embarrassing public statement on their Facebook page.

Here’s what they had to say…

“Waste of Police time award goes to several patrons at a local supermarket.

Instead of acting civilly when purchasing discounted ‘whoopsies’, they decide to scrap it out!

This causes some much unnecessary distress to other law abiding staff & customers resulting in several urgent calls to the police.

Our already stretched resources rushed to the scene as there was an allegation of a serious injury.

On arrival it was established, there were no injuries and only red faces at their childish behaviour.

Crime reports have been taken which will engage some of our patrols for a lengthy period.

Ultimately this is a complete waste of police time and public funds!

If you choose to treat yourself to a cheap discounted bargain, please be respectful in doing so!

Certainly don’t fight over a 10p sandwich when trying to save some dough!”

Come on guys, we’re much better than this surely?!

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