A Bus In A Tutu Is Parked In Manchester Piccadilly!

And we thought this city couldn't get any weirder

Img 20160927 084921350 Hdr

Yeah...we couldn't believe our eyes either. But Manchester Piccadilly is currently home to a tutu-clad Stagecoach.

But no, turns out it isn't some strange ode to Angelina Ballerina, but rather a celebration of the fact that Stagecoach has now broken the Guinness World Record for the World's Longest Tutu!

No human could possibly fit the garish thing so it's being modeled by the double-decker bus which is currently sat in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens.

Bus 1

The bright pink number spans around the entire double decker bus and is already getting tons of attention in the gardens with the Guinness World Record certificate being held loud and proud.

Dsc 0353

If you happen to be in the Gardens this morning make sure you head down and check it out. It's tutu-lly spectacular (sorry.)

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