99 Year Old 'Spider Gran' Wall Climber Enters Guinness World Book Of Records

She tackled the feat at Manchester Climbing Centre and is amazing

Climbing Wall

99-year-old grandmother Greta Plowman left onlookers in awe after bravely taking the decision to tackle a climbing wall in Manchester for the first time ever.

Originally Greta, from Hatfield (Hertfordshire) only planned to go along to support her 70-year-old daughter Judith in her own adventures at the centre - but was so inspired that she came forward to say she wanted to give it a go herself!

The impressive feat took place at Manchester Climbing Centre on Bennett Street and so wowed the general public and caught the attention of the media enough for The Metro to dub her 'SPIDERGRAN.'

Greta tackled the 6m (19.7ft) ascent with some aid from her grandson Tim Dobson and says she is already well on her way to planning another adventure for her birthday this May - when she will turn 100 years old...

Tim Dobson

The 99-year old described the experience as marvellous and is in line for a Guinness World Record as the oldest woman to climb 6m on a wall.

We wish her all the best of luck!

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