Three HUNDRED Buses To Hit Manchester In A Mass Bid To Turn Us All Vegan


Go Vegan

Go Vegan World – the world’s largest and long-running vegan campaign – is planning to go HUGE in Greater Manchester ahead of Vegan Education Day.

300 buses are taking hard-hitting Go Vegan World on to the streets of Greater Manchester ahead of Vegan Education Day this Saturday 22nd April.

Through striking digital video and stills the massive vegan campaign is targeting Manchester’s shoppers, commuters, tourists and city traffic. 

There are already large digital screens at the Printworks and the Arndale, alongside 42 posters at Manchester Piccadilly, 200 bathroom ads, digital screens and billboards across the city, alongside 60 pavement impressions (jet washed onto the pavement).

This has been completely unprecedented for a vegan campaign and a world first.

So what exactly is Vegan Education Day?.. Go along this Saturday and you'll be able to experience an immersive virtual reality as well as sampling vegan food. 

You can take shelter in the Go Vegan World gazebo on Market Street and experience what life is like for the animals we use as food. 

Go Vegan World volunteers will also be on hand to provide information on how veganism is a fair and ethical way of living and to refer people to evidence based information on the impact of animal use on human health and the environment. 

Go Vegan World director, Sandra Higgins, will be on hand to discuss the campaign and its aims and to show people how easy, cheap, convenient and enjoyable it is to live vegan.

What do we think guys - on board or dubious?

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