21 Unusual Valentine's Gifts You Can Buy In Afflecks Right Now

Quirky and awesome

2 Trippy Kitty Shirt 18

Afflecks Palace is the home of alternative shopping in Manchester and a city institution. So Lovin Manchester trawled the least traditional department store to find the coolest and quirkiest things in stock.

21. The Peck(er)-lace

Don’t let tradition cramp your jewellery style any more. More Peck(er)-less than necklace, this one off pendant will make your mother blush.

Shop: Abacus

Price: £35

Abacus, £35

20. Statement Tees

If you like your t-shirts to turn heads Trippy Kitty is the stall for you. Loyalty is rewarded with a range of discounts for buying multiple items and sharing on social.

Shop: Trippy Kitty

Price: from £18/ shirt

From £18

19. Hell raisers

If your Halloween look is set to feature some 1940s chic but a two piece suit and a chignon doesn’t cut it, pop down to Milner and Webb for some war-wear.

Shop: Milner and Webb

Price: £50

Gas masks, £50 at Milner & Webb

18. Tealights

Let there be light! Lift up the hatch at the back and fill the elephant with tea-lights.

Shop: The Little Niche

Price: £15

£15 from The Little Niche

17. Roll up

The perfect way to give any outfit that slick stylish finish,

Shop: Elysia

Price: £75

£75 at Elysian

16. Boozy milkshakes

Afflecks isn’t just about clothes and piercings – it has some simple yet satiating food on offer too, including the north’s very own cereal bar, Black Milk Cereal Kult.

Shop: Black Milk Cereal Kult

Price: from £2.50

Some of the cereal at Black Milk

15. Funky footwear

Iron Fist has a range of shoes and boots for men and women, but these eye catching toe tappers are a step above the rest!

Shop: Punk’d Image

Price: £45

£45 at Punked Image

14. The Original Coca Cola

This original recipe Coca Cola imported direct from Mexico is one of the only versions of the drink today to use pure sugar and stocks are limited.

Shop: Chocolate Ape

Price: £2.50/ bottle

Original Coca Cola, £2.50 a pop

13. Turn heads

At Messy Makeup, SFX is the look of the month, with walk-in face painting, two stalls in the market and a chance to have your own Hollywood grade SFX make-over on the last four days of October.

Shop: Messy Makeup

Price: from £10

Send your friends into cardiac arrest with SFX makeup

12. Crystal Skulls

Whether you believe in their mystical powers or you simply want to do a Mark Corrigan and smash up a crystal skull in a caravan, this shop stocks every size, shape and colour.

Shop: The Crystal Henge Shop

Price: from 50p

Various items, various prices at Crystal Henge

11. Framed art

Tattoo artists like Dale Sarok (work pictured) draw, paint and create limited edition framed art at Stag and Raven. But bear in mind – pieces sell fast. 

Shop: Stag and Raven

Price: £33

Stag and Raven features local tattoo artists

10. Sugar bombs

If you have an impossibly sweet tooth and a cast iron stomach then Jagerbomb fudge is for you (and probably nobody else.)

Shop: Fudge Ape

Price:  £1.75/100g

Priced £1.75/100gr

9. Fairy necklaces

The Fox Fairy is an art shoppers’ paradise, full of limited edition and truly unique pieces, mostly by local artists, like this necklace by Kate Comoghan.

Shop: The Fox Fairy

Price: Ask in store

By local artist, Kate Comoghan​

8. Home-grown produce

Also at The Fox Fairy, artist Tinned Snail is flying the flag for items designed and 100% hand-made in Manchester.

Shop: The Fox Fairy

Price: Ask in store

By local artist, Tinned Snail

7. Satchel Style

If you like to fuse the man-bag carrying metro-sexual look of the early 2000s with the more sophisticated “old scholar with a playful side,” then arm yourself with a leather satchel.

Shop: Moloko

Price: £45

Satchels £45 at Moloko

6. Hubble Bubble

Freak Boutique may sound a little whacky, but I bet you weren’t expecting them to stock cauldrons and potions….

Shop: Freak Boutique

Price: Ask in store

All sorts on offer at Freak Boutique

5. Blue beats

While this is tucked in a relatively tiny corner of Afflecks - and it may have limited stock - it does have some gems including this original run edition of Blue Beat Special, with the collectors’ label intact.

Shop: Dub Merchant

Price:  £40

An original run special at Dub Merchant

4. Henna

While the dresses here are fab, Saira’s henna at Waxworks draws in the crowds.

Shop: Waxworks

Price: from £5

Henna from £5

3. Tattoos and tees

The Tattoo Studio isn’t just about piercings and tattoos, it also stocks Dark Side t-shirts and a range of hoodies.

Shop: The Tattoo Studio

Price: from £15

From £15 at The Tattoo Studio

2. Jewellery from the dark side

If your Star Wars game needs upping a bit and a Pecker-less isn’t your thing, try these Darth Vader rings, which probably make great knuckle dusters too.

Shop: Abacus

Price: £65

Keep the force handy at Abacus

1. Childhood games

If you're feeling nostalgic, Retro Play is for you – from Turtles to Trolls and a whole host of old games and consoles – the shop is a collection of the weirdest and wackiest toys of the 80s and 90s, resold to the adults of today.

Shop: Retro Play

Price: See in store

The kind of trolls people like, at Retro Play

Not for sale...

Afflecks Creatives is clearly marked “this is not a shop.” Rather, it’s a space provided for artists to meet, collaborate and… pimp chairs – like this one which is a tribute to the traders of Afflecks.

Shop: It’s not a shop!

Price:  Not for sale

The Afflecks Creatives' tribute to the market's stall holders

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