Manchester 'Truthers' Believe Horrific Arena Bombing Was A Hoax

There are some hideous theories flying around

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The Manchester Arena attack which claimed the lives of 22 and injured more than 40 others are still fresh in our memories.

And everyone who lives in the Greater Manchester area will have seen the grief unfold following the bombing committed by Salman Abedi.

St Ann's Square still stands to a testament of those who have been taken too soon, while the arena is still closed to public events 16 days on.

But despite the incident touching the live of so many and becoming a global news story, some commenters online have started conspiracy theories about how the incident was a hoax.

In a move which is thoroughly disrespectful for those who are mourning lost loved ones or trying to come to terms with life-changing injuries, these 'truthers' have a network of tales concocted to explain away the need coverage and even the One Love Manchester benefit concert.

One YouTuber posted a clip of schoolgirl Ellen McGovern being interviewed on Good Morning Britain, stating: "This little girl was in the alleged blast zone and a week later is making the rounds on morning chat shows?

"She couldn't move her legs and she was discharged from the hospital that night a few hours later???? HOGWASH!"

Comments beneath the clip refer to 'crisis actors' being employed to play parts in 'false flag' stories.

"The more I think about these hoax events, the more I believe these crisis actors are approached and encouraged to participate to 'Make Britain Safe' or something similar. 

"I think they are chosen and offered incentives (new car, mortgage paid, etc.) to maintain the lie and not reveal that the hoax was a setup."

A truth is a person who doubts the generally accepted account of an event, believing that an official conspiracy exists to conceal the true explanation - more commonly known as a a conspiracy theorist.

A quick search online reveals that there are more people saying similar things.

"Manchester bombing was hoax as many so called victims twitting their fake wounded pictures," says one tweeter.

"Funny after the Manchester hoax not one funeral was shown. All was forgotten," adds another.

"The sound effects of screams and yelling, sound like people riding a roller fake," says a YouTube commenter.

Another man posts on YouTube calling it a "manufactured terror event", pulling apart news reports with his theories on numerology, the Freemasons and more.

Comments below his videos include: "Only evidence I've seen so far: running people, torn clothes, happy parents, happy friends, loss of shoes, random videos that prove nothing, a truckload of shills. This sure as hell looks like a hoax."

Another adds: "The stories always change with the victims and eye witnesses. If that is not a big enough smoking gun than I don't know what is."

A third simply says: "WE KNOW THERE WAS NO BOMB."

Luckily, there are plenty of people who feel that there is no excuse for spreading stories about the event.

Julie Burchill wrote a piece for The Spectator calling them 'pitiful', while these tweeters were in equal turns angry and incredulous.

Truthers who believe that events like the Manchester bombing, Orlando shooting, Sand Hook shooting and even 9/11 did not happen as the authorities stated they did have long since had a home on the internet.

But it's hard for anyone who has lived through this last fortnight in Manchester to feel anything less than horror and revulsion at these accusations.

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