Manchester Teen Visits 58 Football Grounds In 58 Hours For Arena Fundraiser

Nieve Pegg is one amazing 16 year old

An inspirational 16-yar-old from Manchester has raised more than £1,100 for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund - by visiting 58 football grounds in 58 hours.

Nieve Pegg says that the May 22 Manchester Arena attack really affected her, and she was keen to do something unusual to help raise cash.

"I absolutely love Manchester, I have always said it is the best city on Earth," she explains.

"Whether you agree, or disagree, please understand that something horrific and heartbreaking hurt my beautiful city."

After six weeks of intensive planning, Nieve set off round the country to grounds in all of the English Football divisions - even crossing into Wales for Swansea, Cardiff and Newport County's grounds.

You can donate to Nieve's appeal here.

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