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‘I’m Muslim – Do You Trust Me For A Hug?’ – Here’s How Mancunians Answered

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A young Muslim man is going viral tonight with a moving video about how he trusted strangers – and asked them to trust him. 

Baktash Noori records videos as The Life Of Bako – and after this week, the local guy turned his attention to his fellow Mancunians.

His mission was simple – he stood in the city centre on Friday evening with his arms held wide and a sign reading: “I’m Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?”

The response is something truly wonderful.

He explained: “I made this video out of pure respect for the victims and and families involved in the Manchester incident.

“If you liked the video as much as I did, if you shed a tear like I did making and editing this video, if you think more people should watch this, if you think this deserves more recognition, then please do help me by sharing the video, likingcommenting, subscribing to my YouTube channel, and as always: Spread love, not hate. Have a blessed day.”

Read more about his thoughts here.

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