Hunting For A Job? This One's Up For Grabs In Buckingham Palace

Yes, your highness


Tired of your current job and looking to make a change in your life?

Well this could be it.

Buckingham Palace are currently looking to hire an Assistant Anniversaries Officer.

Your job would be to send "congratulations that are never forgotten". 

"It's working in a team with a shared and unique purpose, engaging with the public whilst supporting The Queen's role. This is what makes working for The Royal Household so exceptional.

The Anniversaries Team helps to produce congratulatory messages that provide a vital link between The Queen and the public. You'll prepare and send out messages that mean so much to so many people.

Your challenge will be to remain focused whilst processing a large number of requests for messages, ensuring that the right response is delivered at exactly the right time. You'll check eligibility for each query, and using a data entry system, you'll be 100% accurate with every congratulatory message response.

You'll also answer telephone queries, and liaise with various relevant parties. You'll be proud of the number of messages you send out, which will drive you to consistently deliver high standards," according to the listing.

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Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin