Health Warning Issued As New "Dog Virus" Sweeps Across The UK

Here's what to do...

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A bacterial infection that is in the main affecting dogs has been sweeping across the UK over the past two weeks.

The news comes after deadly dog virus Alabama Rot swept across the country mere months ago, with reported cases in Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Northumbria - killing dozens of dogs across Britain.

A Derbyshire vet has now issued a warning about a higher than average recording of cases (namely gastroenteritis) which is a swelling of the stomach and intestines and can involve diarrhoea and vomiting.

Dr John Rosie is a founder of a mobile veterinary clinic in Derbyshire, and says that he suspects the illness is fast-spreading. He has been treating about 5 infected dogs per week and says the virus was not nearly as common the year previous.

How can I protect my pooch?

Dr John Rosie advises washing and disinfecting your dog's paws after walking in case anything is picked up en route around - especially in walks around wet and muddy terrain.

Keeping on top of general hygiene and diet is tantamount to the health of an animal, and can help preventing them from catching infections.

If you spot any of the early warning signs in your own pet, you're advised to seek the help of a vet as a matter of priority.

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