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Everyone That Donated To Chris Parker Will Get Their Money Back

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The fundraising page for disgraced ‘homeless hero’ Chris Parker has now been cancelled after he admitted two counts of theft and one count of fraud earlier today. 

The GoFundMe page raised over £52,539 but in the past hour Michael Johns who set up the GoFundMe page in Chris’ name released a statement stating: 

He is due to be sentenced on 30th January. The judge has told him to expect a custodial sentence.

“Whereas I do believe Chris has a right to be rehabilitated and have help to turn his life around, prison would be a waste of time and money otherwise; I also must take in to account the integrity of the donations made.

In the circumstances, it is only appropriate for the fund to be wound up and all donations returned.

I do this without any personal judgement on Chris and with complete respect to the ongoing court proceedings.

Please note it is not possible for me to simply give the money to a victims fund or a homeless charity. This is GoFundMe policy to stop people from starting funds for one cause and subsequently giving to another. It is a rule I fully understand and respect.

If you would like to donate to another cause, please make your own arrangements to do so.”

The money will be returned to the thousands of people who donated to Chris across the world and you can find more information on the GoFundMe refund policy page. 

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