EUGH: Britain Is Now Home To 'JUMPING SPIDER CRICKETS' Thanks To Heatwave


Spider Crickets

A cricket that looks like a SPIDER is starting to take over Britain thanks to the hot, dry summer we've had.

And what's JUMPS.

Just writing this is freaking me out.

Spider Crickets have the body and wings of an insect - but their horrible long legs give them the appearance of an arachnid.

The creepers are usually found in warmer climates such as Australia and Asia but due to our recent heatwave, they've been spotted scaring the crap out of people across Britain.

Cave Crickets

Also known as 'cave crickets', they've even been known to JUMP at people when threatened.

One lady in the Midlands claimed it jumped AT HER FACE when she tried to remove it.

Ohhhhhhh hell no.

They are however harmless to humans but can chew through wood and carpets - I'm still going to run a mile if I see one.

I'm staying indoors until the winter - seeya.

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