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Doctors Warn Of Health Issues Caused By Eating Sushi

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Are you a sushi lover? Well, you might wanna be a bit careful.

Doctors writing in the The British Medical Journal have warned that the growing trend in raw fish dishes has also led to something else growing: parasitic worms.

Yes, you read that right – we really did say parasitic worms.

A condition called anisakiasis, which is when parasitic worms invade the stomach and lay larvae in the lining has been linked to eggs found in raw fish.

Most of the cases were described in Japan due to food habits; however, it has been increasingly recognised in Western countries.

Symptoms include severe stomach pain after eating sushi, and no pharmaceutical treatment is available to treat the condition, only surgery.

Best check that norimaki roll for any signs of wriggling worms before popping it in your mouth so.

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