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Cold Snap To Bring Temperatures Of -10 This Week As Experts Warn Of “Widespread Snow”

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Temperatures are expected to drag to -10 this week as the Met Office warns that snow is likely to fall over the Scottish mountains before becoming widespread across the country, with cold, unsettled and wintry conditions being seen UK-wide.

The Met Office is saying that temperatures will drop well into the minuses this coming week and that the country can expect “widespread snow and frost.”

Northern and central areas are expected to be hit hardest by severe frost as the Beast from the East 2 is expected to land, with temperatures as low as -10C expected in certain areas of Scotland following a 13.2C was recorded in Shropshire yesterday.

A cold front and rain is expected in Northern parts of the country with frequent showers, possibly with hail and storms.

The new warnings follow an update from the Met Office at the weekend announcing a “sudden stratospheric warming” which often results in a cold snap and harsh, wintry weather subsequently resulting from a rush of cold air from the Arctic.

Claiming that the same phenomenon caused by icy cold Siberian winds was behind the infamous Beast from the East last year, it looks like the UK could be looking at a take 2…

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