Can You Guess Which British Show Caused An 8% Dip In Pornhub's Traffic?

Looks like it's hard to think naughty thoughts during this particular television event...

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The good people of England love themselves a little browse on a certain website by the name of Pornhub.

Manchester is the third city on the UK chart of those which visit the site the most.

However, when the most family-friendlty entertainment show in the UK television calendar hit the airwaves, there was a steep decline in the site's traffic of 8%. 

That's right, it seems the Strictly Come Dancing Final puts the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland right off their hentai.

Pornhub Year In Review

The figures were revealed in a newly released stats from its 2017 Year In Review. Other TV events that influenced porn usage were similarly innocent shows like the Great British Bake Off in the UK and the Eurovision Song Contest Finale across Europe in general.

A dip also took place during the Game Of Thrones Premiere, presumably because viewers were getting their fill of nudity from the TV.

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