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There Is A Major Blood Donor Shortage In Manchester And This Needs To Change

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The NHS Blood And Transplant Service have announced that there is a shortfall of nearly 600 blood donors across Manchester.

They are launching a Valentine’s Day campaign to an attempt to recruit new donors in the city.

Give Blood

The aptly named “What’s Your Type?” campaign involves a finger prick blood test in order to identify a potential donors blood type.

Within a couple of minutes you will see your results, and the NHS will be able to match your blood with hospital demand if there is any.

Lindsay Williams, Manager at the Norfolk House Donor Centre in Manchester said to ITV:

What’s Your Type events are a fun way to find out your blood type and we’d love people to come along and learn how their blood type is special for saving lives – and you might meet your perfect match.
We need new blood donors in Manchester in order to ensure we have the right blood to help patients.

Valentines or no valentines, this sh*t is important. It only takes the action of a few to drive positive change.

There are two dedicated donor centres in Manchester:

-Norfolk House Donor Centre on Norfolk Street
-Plymouth Grove Donor Centre in Plymouth Grove

Visit your local centre or book an appointment online here.

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