The City Of Manchester Unites As More Flood Warnings Are Issued

Not over?

Stalybridge Flood

The Manchester Fire Service have insisted that warnings for South Manchester and Trafford remain in place as the areas could face more floods in the coming week...

And Tony Hunter, Area Manager for Manchester Fire, insists that the public be made aware of the risk and take the necessary precautions, keeping a keen eye on transport updates and refrain from travel in the worst affected areas unless absolutely necessary.

And, in a heart-warming show of unity, unaffected residents as far out as Stalybridge have been coming forward with their own form of personalised aid to those already affected by last night's extreme flooding.

Cat Parker is one of whom who today set up a page via giving page Go Fund Me to help the families of Millbrook whose cottages have been devastated by last night's freak weather.

"This has affected the whole community and we are all thinking about them at such a terrible time."

Stalybridge was one of the areas worst hit last night and residents are coming forward to seek recognition of this, as well as aid (and prevention methods) to safeguard against similar happenings in the future...

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