It's Not Over Yet #ManchesterStorm

The Met office say a fresh storm could hit the city tomorrow


The Met Office has warned that a fresh storm is likely to hit the city

In the early hours of tomorrow morning the region is set for even more torrential downpours following Tuesday’s freak thunderstorm in Manchester which caused flash flooding and transport anarchy. Streets were turned into rivers as the Met service was crippled and employees had to work through the night to ensure the city had a service for its millions of morning commuters.

This stormy weather, looking set to batter central and southern England, is not likely to reach us until tomorrow.

The news comes following scenes of flooded city-centre buildings, streets being mistaken for canals and the Champions League Game being postponed due to 'adverse weather conditions' on Tuesday evening.

A weather and social phenomenon

Social media was alight with locals and visitors to the city posting their own #manchesterstorm pictures and videos - with sights and images like the city has never seen - and this all followed predictions of Tuesday being the hottest day on record since the 1940s!

Manchester's shopping haven Harvey Nichols was flooded and staff gaped in wonder as their designer fashion house also became a victim to the elements.

Yesterday morning saw the city in peaceful post-Twister-esque tranquility - a true quiet after the storm.

But now it looks like Manchester is set for another bumpy ride.

Get your anoraks ready kids, it's coming.

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