BREAKING: Reports That Manchester Victoria Roof Are Collapsing As We Speak!


We can confirm that part of the roof at Manchester Victoria Station has collapsed.

One witness Daniel Pratt says a ‘tidal wave’ of water from the roof collapse landed on top of a train at the station - as well as on a platform where people were walking!

He estimates a group of between 20 and 30 commuters were hit and some were bleeding.

Daniel said: “One woman I saw was knocked down and didn’t get up. I don’t know if she was knocked out but she didn’t move. I was about 50 yards away about to go through the ticket barrier."

The incident happened just after 4pm.

Police have confirmed that the two people who were hit by the collapsed roof panels have been taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment after receiving blows to the head.

There are unconfirmed reports of delays to train services as a result.

We are working to find more details for you. Please get in touch on social if you have any further information.

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