BREAKING Manchester Victoria Roof Has Collapsed & Reports Advise Station Was Aware Of Risk For Days!


The roof at Manchester Victoria Station has collapsed and police have confirmed that two people are in an ambulance after receiving blows to the head from the 'tidal wave' of water and broken roof tiles.

Witness Robert Kennion has shared his experience on our Facebook page:

"I was 15 feet away and just got on the train as it collapsed. The amount of water that came down blasted two people to the floor (a young woman and a middle aged gentleman) He was bleeding from his head and nose and was helped up by two community police officers."

"Several minutes before it collapsed myself and a friend noticed it leaking and it had been leaking for some time. The build up of dirt was disgusting up there."

Robert claims the train guard on the 16:11 to Stalybridge even advised they had been telling the station for days about the problem with the roof but had not done anything about it!

Allegedly the station were advised that seagulls had pecked a hole in the outer layer of the roof, causing the water to build up to a dangerous level.

"Hopefully it wont be covered up and that those hurt will get compensation for this blatant breach of health & safety. It could have been me."

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