'Arctic Blizzard Warning' Could Blanket Mainland Europe In Snow

It's happening...


Is this the start of it?

It could well be.

BBC Weather is warning of a bizarre 'Arctic Blizzard Warning' that will bring with it extreme weather conditions and could even blanket most of Europe in snow.

BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas told The Express that Europe could be hit with a massive snowfall and warned people to be prepared for the worst.

“Further east, we have more cloud sinking south and we will continue to see more snowfall for Austria, eastern Alps, the Balkans and Poland too.

“There is still an unusual amount of snowfall in Turkey and Greece.

“We also have wet weather with rain and snow pushing into Scandinavia.

“As we go into next week, London and Paris will face a drop in temperatures.

“Berlin faces a freeze as well - and Moscow will see -10C by Monday.”

It is being reported that three feet of snow will bury the Alps from next Thursday and throughout next weekend.

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