Angry Passengers Think Airlines Should Charge Obese Passengers More For Their Seats

It's a heavy topic

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Flying can be stressful, but it turns out that your fellow travellers may be worried about more than airline safety.

More than a third of those who take flights believe that the weight of obese passengers should be taken into account when they book their ticket.

Travellers have vented their frustration at a perceived unfairness in airline baggage polices.

In a study of UK adults, 39% of those surveyed favoured a combined weight allowance - taking both passenger weight and that of their luggage into account, with charges incurred for those who exceed this mix.

Kasia added: "Passenger satisfaction is of utmost importance to us; so whilst an interesting tongue-in-cheek story, we wouldn’t like or expect to see airlines bringing in combined weight limits - especially if it could affect the overall journey experience for so

When asked about the existing rules, in new data released  by online travel company, 55% of those surveyed were satisfied with current regulations - a number close to the 61% of people who are currently overweight or obese in the UK.

Of the 45% who disagreed with the current airline rules, a militant 18% admitted to feeling ‘angry’ that those weighing more are entitled to an equal amount of airline baggage.

Combined weight allowances were favoured by 41% in the North West, with younger travellers are less likely to favour a combined weight allowance, with the majority of respondents in agreement aged between 35-44 or 55 plus (43% and 39% respectively). 

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Women are significantly more affected by luggage weight limits, with 28% of female respondents finding it the most stressful element of their holiday (compared to just 16% of men) and 18% admitting to pooling their luggage allowance with a partner, so that they can take more.

Kasia Jankowska, travel expert from eDreams commented: "It is clear that many travellers - in fact 26% in this study - find packing to meet a specific weight restriction a huge cause of stress, which has in turn caused a substantial amount of resentment between passengers."

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