After 41 Gruelling Days The Winter Hill Fire Has Finally Come To An End

Fire crews have officially left the site...

Winter Hill Fire

After fire services tackled huge moorland fires for 41 gruelling days, it has finally been confirmed as 'out'.

Lancashire Fire Services carried out final checks of the 7 square mile (18 sq km) area last night before deciding the final verdict.

Deputy Chief Officer Justin Johnston sent out the 'stop message' via Twitter on August 8th at 3pm.

Although the crews have been able to leave the area, area manager Simon Fryer has said:

'We ask that people take great care and are extra vigilant if visiting the area. Disposable BBQs, discarded cigarettes and even rubbish left on the ground can all start a fire. If anyone does spot a fire, they should call 999'.

Many fundraising events have been arranged in and around the area to thank those who worked tirelessly to put out the fire.

The area is being left in the hands of the landowners.

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