Manchester's Newest Bar Is Completely Hidden With Backstreet Entrance And Secret Cocktail Menu

You'll have passed it a hundred times, but you'd never know it's there. We went to try it out.

Speak In Code Manchester

We love keeping secrets as much as the next person, but when you visit a place nearly as good as this one, it's difficult not to want to brag about it to every person you meet.

OK. So maybe there will be some light bragging happening here, but it'll be worth it.

I'm thankful to say I've had the opportunity to review a lot of bars in and around Manchester, but none have stayed with me quite like this one.

Speak in Code, Manchester's newest secret bar, is transformed every night by its small but efficient team. By day, it's a cafe serving lunch and cups of coffee. By night, it's a slick and stylish jazz bar serving speciality cocktails and a home-made menu.

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Open from 7pm until the early hours, Speak In Code's location isn't yet well known, but deserves to be. Their innovative cocktails aren't named on the menu, but numbered, giving the reader a chance to understand exactly what they want to try.

And each secret cocktail comes with a unique hashtag, like #MojitosareSIC or #LetsgettropicalisSIC.

Did we mention they're completely plant based?

Now before the V word puts you off, I want to say one thing: it shouldn't. Because if it does you're really going to miss out.

Image: Lovin Manchester

Speak In Code's small plates menu features five dishes each with a unique flavour all of their own.

You can sample BBQ Cauli Wings with Aioli; Smoky C-Dawg with Crispy Onions and Relish; BBQ Jackfruit with Mango Salsa and Sourdough; Mozzarella Sticks with dips; and home made Flatbreads with Beetroot Hummus.

Image: Lovin Manchester

I cannot rave enough about the carrot hot dog - seriously, you wonder why you've been eating meat dogs this whole time.

AND, with the cocktails, you get what you pay for: drinks that taste like they actually have alcohol in them. Perfect for a sophisticated date night or a quiet evening with your mates.

Image: Lovin Manchester

Set in a location with exposed brick walls, dimmed lighting and musical instruments hanging from the ceiling, you feel like you're sipping on a cocktail in 1920's New York City.

It may have only been open a few months, but Speak In Code has already nailed it. Sure, the secret bar concept has been done several times, even in Manchester, but it's their attention to detail and clear-cut passion for their trade that sets these guys apart.

Image: Lovin Manchester

If you like what you're reading and can keep a secret, Speak In Code is open now at 7 Jackson’s Row or 16 Lloyd Street in Manchester city centre.

Keep an eye on their social pages for further updates.

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