This Brilliant True Crime Documentary Is The One To Watch If You're Not Leaving The House Tonight

Duvet night, anyone?

Plain Sight

What did we ever do without Netflix?

With the weather letting us down a wee bit today (understatement of the century) we decided we'd give you a tip off for a brilliant documentary to enjoy while you spend the rest of the weekend vegging out at home. Because Thursday is the new Friday after all...

Dramatic and educational: what better way to get you settled in for the weekend?

Abducted In Plain Sight

This documentary explores how a young girl - Jan Broberg - ends up getting kidnapped a whopping three times (first in 1947) by a close friend of her parents.

With the child, the abductor (Robert Berchtold) then fled to Mexico and attempted to brainwash young Jan into believing she was an alien life-form, and that she needed to have a baby by him by the time she turned 16 in order to save the planet from sure-fire destruction.

Tough to watch at times, but amazingly shot. The director uses intimate footage with the parents, sisters and the FBI investigator who was handling the case.

You can watch the official trailer here...

Fans have described the documentary as a "wild ride", with one going on to comment:

"Abducted In Plain Sight documentary has truly left me speechless."

We couldn't agree more.

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